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MetaMonkey AI Reveals Utility for the MMAI Token – PureWallet cold storage & offline payment capability will be activated with $49.95 token purchase.

MetaMonkey AI pioneers new technology for metaverse and blockchain transactions and payments, allowing for easier access to money movement, anytime, anywhere.


On the precipice of releasing their second version of the MMAI PureWallet, MetaMonkey AI unveils the innovative and cutting-edge capabilities of its new digital wallet, which provides cold wallet capabilities without the extra cost of hardware. With the unique ability to carry out transactions and payments of cryptocurrencies offline, and within milliseconds, the MMAI Wallet is the first of its kind, offering an on-demand service that no other app, wallet, or technology provides.


The MMAI PureWallet, equipped with the hot wallet features will be free to download from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. To take advantage of the cold wallet capabilities users can activate the cold storage and offline payment capabilities by purchasing and holding $49.95 worth of MMAI tokens. PureWallet is a lower-cost option for cold wallet storage, and tokens can be cashed out at any time at market price. In addition, there is no need to purchase extra hardware or carry around two devices. PureWallet does not have the low memory issues that most hardware wallets face today. Hardware wallets have no computing power, where PureWallet can enact smart contracts to carry out complex and decentralized transactions, such as their offline payment capability.


PureWallet is poised to be a payment gateway solution in the first quarter of 2023, tying Web2 & Web3 together with their solution for the WooCommerce platform. This brings a supplementary utility to the MMAI token as eCommerce businesses will need to purchase and hold MMAI tokens to unlock the payment gateway capabilities.


PureWallet is the only wallet currently capable of paying and receiving digital cryptocurrency payments without an internet connection. PureWallet transactions are divided into three main steps. First, the sender converts coins to tokens from the token manager (TM). Then the token information is transferred from the sender to the receiver. This step does not require a connection to the internet to be successful. It can be transferred through WiFi, NFC, QR code etc. Lastly, the tokens in the receiver’s device is transmitted over the internet to the TM, which in response, transfers the value of the appropriate coin to the receiver’s account. In addition to convenience and accessibility, PureWallet solves a plethora of challenges often faced when dealing with standard financial transactions such as exposure of personal information, expensive equipment, and financial institution presence.


This technology has spent years in rigorous development and in partnership with three highly regarded university research laboratories.  They’ve set out to create innovative technologies that provide real value and lasting utility, making blockchain investing and money movement more accessible than ever.